The Coppell Community Orchestra is in its Fifth season!

        CCO was founded in late 2017 with a goal of connecting the community through music and music education.

    Concerts feature bits of context and inspiration for orchestral compositions as they relate to history, society,

                                world cultures, other art forms and sometimes even science. With the absence of any other orchestral or string                        groups in Coppell or CISD, CCO strives to fill this void and  enrich the lives of Coppell residents and beyond.

        We are currently accepting donations and volunteers to perform with us, help with fundraising or help with the

               logistics of running a community performing arts organization.Check our auditions page for more information on

                        how to join. It's easy! Bring your neighbors, friends and family and help us create a thing of beauty right here in Coppell.

Board of Directors


     President: Vanessa Younts

             Vice President: Linda Ammons

                   Treasurer: Marcia Chen

                Music Director: Cecilia Hamilton

                                Membership Coordinator: Jana Sullinger

    Secretary : Trevor McIntosh

Librarian : Naomi Alanis

                      General Board Member: Tina Brown

                               General Board Member: Bethany Henze