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A Coppell

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About A Coppell Symphony

The Coppell Community Orchestra is composing a symphony

that's inspired by the community of Coppell. 

You are invited to participate on this musical journey!

How Will This Work?

From now through Oct. 31, 2022, CCO will accept sounds and instrumental music submissions via audio file format.  Email us if you need assistance in sending your submission or help recording. 

Once collected, the sounds will be combined and arranged to produce an original symphony that is composed and inspired by Coppell. A Coppell Symphony will be performed by Coppell Community Orchestra in May 2023.

Have more questions? Feel free to email

or read the FAQ section below:

Keep in mind that the sounds or instrumental music you submit should be inspired by Coppell and/or what you envision Coppell would sound like if it we're a sound. 

F. A. Q.

1. How do I record my sounds?

If you don't have audio equipment, you can use your phone.


* If your phone does not have a default recorder, you can obtain one in the app store for your device.  

After recording your sound or music file, transfer the audio file to your computer and upload it to our official submission portal via the button above or below. 

2. What If I have issues sending my audio file?

The portal does accept most audio file formats (.wav, .mp3). If you have issues sending your file due to format or size; email us when you're ready to submit , our email is

We will coordinate with you on how to get your file to us.

We understand that for those with music experience, the file will exceed 

what the portal can support so please email us as we have an alternate method for bigger files.

3. How long does the sound or music need to be?

There is not a required length. The arranger will be modifying length during 

the composition process after September.

4. Will I be contacted if my sounds/music  is being used?

Yes. Residents with music that will be used in the symphony, will receive contact as we need to ensure that we have recreated their sound/music appropriately and so that we may credit them for their submission.

5. How long do I have to submit my sound or music?

Submissions are accepted through 10/31/2022. No submissions will be received on 11/1/22 or later. 

Please email any questions to

Ready to submit music files?

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