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Thank you 
Coppell For
Your Submissions!! 

The Symphony is almost ready and will premiere on May 7th, 2023
at our concert, "Muse"

Click button below for tickets: 


About A Coppell Symphony

The Coppell Community Orchestra has composed a symphony,

with the help of fellow Coppellians, inspired by the community of Coppell,

and inspired by Coppell City Manager, Mike Land. 

You are invited to come see this musical journey unfold on May 7th, 2023!

How did this masterpiece start?

Through the last year, CCO requested sounds from the community of Coppell that best 

represented what Coppell sounds like to you. With the your help, the musical expertise of our

musicians and the talents of composer, Trevor McIntosh; A Coppell Symphony is born!


More questions? email

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