Upcoming Events

** CANCELLED ** - May 3, 2020 - Coppell Community Orchestra Concert

Event Location: William T. Cozby Library - 177 N Heartz Rd, Time: 3 PM

Be our guest at the next upcoming Coppell Community Orchestra concert. 

It is our pleasure to be hosted by the Cozby library and play for our beloved community here in Coppell.


** CANCELLED ** - May 17th, 2020 - Grand Opening Weekend - The Coppell Arts Center 

Event Location : Coppell Arts Center, Time : TBA

 The Coppell Community Orchestra is honored to be part of many groups that will help celebrate

the grand opening of the Coppell Arts Center. 

** POSTPONED ** -  Date: TBD - Coppell Community Orchestra Chamber Concert 

Event Location : Coppell Arts Center, Time : TBA

The Coppell Community Orchestra will continue its summer series tradition with a

chamber concert that will showcase various members through group and ensemble performances.

Concerts have free admission, unless otherwise stated.

Donations are encouraged and tax-deductible

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